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March Employee Pet of the Month

March Employee Pet of the Month
March 22, 2021

My fellow All Animals Family,

It’s time for Employee Pet of the Month again!! And this month it goes to Beaufort! Now, I have to admit, I am honestly jealous of his life. Beaufort has horses! I mean, come on!! How do I not have horses?

Anyway, Beaufort is a great doggo! He is constantly helping his humans clean up around the house by eating poop. Beau tells me kind of poop, in order, is:

1. Horse

2. Kitters

3. His own

While I don’t personally understand that cuisine choice, who am I to judge? Mom asks if I want a snicker-snacker and then gives me broccoli. Like I don’t know there is BACON in this world!

Anyway, Beaufort seems like a good guy! His Mom says he is very dumb, but that doesn’t make him bad. From what I have seen, Beau is very helpful, kind, and loving. I don’t know if you could ask for a better friend. Although, maybe you could ask for one with better breath…