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April Employee Pet of the Month

April Employee Pet of the Month
April 27, 2021

Hello All Animals Family,

A few months ago, I introduced you to one of my good friends, Lola. Well this month, her sister Jojo has won All Animals’ Employee Pet of the Month!

Jojo is a great girl! She is black and white, like me! (Not that color matters, but I like that we’re matchies.) My mom says that Jojo has the softest chin in the world for scratches. Jojo is very gentle and accommodating, not like her sister Lola. Jojo is what hu-moms and -dads refer to as a best-girl. She never chews on furniture, jumps on people, barks too much, or generally gets into mischief.

Jojo’s Mom says that she is “the perfect specimen,” but I know Jojo mostly likes to sleep. She told me she gets at least 10 hours of sleep every night! Mostly she sleeps with her hu-mom, tucked up in bed, toasty and warm.

Sounds like a dream! And just where a great girl like Jojo belongs!