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Day in the Life of All Animals Veterinary Hospital

Day in the Life of All Animals Veterinary Hospital
October 19, 2020

Mom is taking me to work today, and I am so excited! I also got to go to work yesterday and the day before! Those were great days! But today will be the best day! I am so excited to get to the office. Mom doesn’t know it, but as soon as we get there, I am going to run into the doctor’s office and see if I can find any new toys!  It’ll be amazing!         

Oh, I’m Remus by the way. Dr. Hampton said some people wanted to know what it’s like to spend a day in the office. And since I get to come here every day, she said I should tell you what I think.

It’s pretty simple. I think it’s amazing! I get to meet so many dogs, which is great. And so many cats, which is REALLY GREAT! I LOVE CATS! They are so tiny and fluffy! I really want one, but my mom says no.

She comes to work with me too, but she sits behind that black box all day, talking on the rectangle, and clacking on the popper-board. When I put my paws on the poppers, I get scolded, but she has her hands on the popper-board all day long! Hardly fair.

Anyway, we are at work now and Mom is getting stuff ready for the morning. She makes the black liquid everyone seems to enjoy. It smells very bitter to me, but they all appear to need it for survival. Humans are quite delicate creatures.

Then other people start showing up. I love this part of the day! Miss Danielle or Miss Meghan are usually here first and they will play with me while they get things ready in the back. Mom says they are too busy to throw toys for my stinky-butt, but she is wrong. They always throw my stuffies!

Then, my new friends start to show up. Mom doesn’t let me sniff their butts, because she says they might be sick. We are at a hospital after all. But I see all of them come in and I can still smell them from across the room while they are being weighed in. Mostly, they smell like they have great butts!

Sometimes, some of my friends seem scared when they come in. I understand. If I didn’t know who these people were, I might be scared not to have my mom with me, too. Especially since they are all wearing those masks on their faces, like it is Halloween all the time.

But I show my new friends that this is a nice place to be. I show them my stuffy, and my bed, and how safe it is here. I show them that it is okay to be calm.

After a while, it is time for lunch. I love playing in the big field they have behind the hospital with Miss Jessica. Sometimes, Dr. Sausner’s dogs, Cammie and Zulu play with me outside. I love playing with them. We play chase. Zulu is the fastest dog I know! But Cammie is ferocious too. We all chase the ball so fast we are exhausted by the time Mom tells us lunch is done.

Then I go back inside to by cozy bed and I take a nap. Sometimes, I miss some friends coming in in the afternoon, because I fall asleep. But that’s ok.

Sometimes, I get sick too, and the doctors have to see me at the hospital. I mostly don’t mind that. Dr. Hampton and Dr. Sausner are so nice and they always tell me I am a good boy during my exams. Of course I am, but it is still nice to hear.

I see my new friends in the back. The doctors and I try to show my new friends how to be brave. The doctors give us special treats when they are checking up on us, like cheese and peanut butter. I love peanut butter the most! They are always saying stuff about “Fear Free” things. I’m not sure what they’re talking about, but I usually get more snacks after.

The only thing I don’t like are the big needles that go in my back. That’s when they have to get my stuffy to make me feel brave. Mom says they are giving me fluids and that I’m why she can’t have nice things. I don’t know what she means, but I think she means she is sad that I don’t feel good. I know that the doctors are always as gentle as they can be when they have to use the big needles and that they are always trying to make me feel better.

When Mom is done staring at the black box and the rectangle stops talking to her, she tells me it is time to go home. This is also a very good time of day, because it means it is almost dinner time. I get a little sad though, because it means I don’t get to see anymore friends today. But I know I will be back tomorrow.

Who knows? Maybe tomorrow, I will get to meet you!

By Remus Wulfric