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Dogs In Politics

Dogs In Politics
September 23, 2021 My Fellow All-Animalians,
Today marks an historic day of national pride. A day we celebrate the best and brightest amongst us. A day we set aside our differences - black and white, tall and short, active and snoozey – to remember one important thing: Dogs truly rule this world. 
We’ve all heard the old adage that dogs are man’s best friend, and that has certainly played out in history. Rollo Roosevelt, for example, was remarked to have served as much as a bodyguard to President Teddy’s children as the Secret Service. Nixon’s dog Checkers is widely credited with giving his ticket the winning bump in his 1952 election with Eisenhower. 
    Even our cousins across the pond adore their 2-legged humans. Churchill had not 1, but 2 dogs named Rufus who were always fed before the humans on Downing Street. And the Queen’s pack of corgis are known worldwide for their pampered lifestyle, the lucky dogs…
    As your president, I am proud to represent the many dogs who have come before me and the many who will come after. We are as diverse and wonderful as the world in which we live, all having brought something new to our lofty positions. And on this day of remembrance, I think it is important to celebrate those difference and focus on the thing that unites us all: Our never-ending desire for snackos!