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September Employee Pet of the Month

September Employee Pet of the Month
September 22, 2021

My Fellow All-Animalians,

Guess what!! My bestest office bud, and Vice-President, Onyx, is this month’s Employee Pet of the Month! And a more deserving, better doggo there never was! Not only is Onyx super smelly (even more as of late, it’s awesome!) but he is a great adventurer! He loves to go wandering through the woods, exploring every nook and cranny.

You have already met Onyx little sister, Penny, who Onyx takes great care of. He also helps his mom with the farm where they have horses, chickens, fish, and (my personal favorite) KITTENS! 

Onyx is a very good Vice-President, too. He is a little older than me, and very wise. He can always find the best snacks to eat, and knows just how to look at your mom to make her stop being mad at you. He is SO smart! 

I have rarely been prouder to say, congratulations Onyx for being September’s Employee Pet of the Month!