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President Remus Introduces Dr. Kesler Laster

June 18, 2021

My Fellow All Animalsians –

We have a new, AMAZING team member! Dr. Rebecca Kesler Laster is joining our team June 21st!

Dr. Kesler Laster is a native of Sanford, having grown up here from an early age. She now lives just outside of town with her family and small zoo, including 4 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bird, a dragon (in case you weren’t impressed enough by the doctorate), as well as cattle, chickens, and pigs (which I have been assured are not used to feed the aforementioned dragon).

Dr. Kesler Laster is an accomplished violinist and also practices martial arts in her time off, though how she has time off with that menagerie, I do not know. I wonder if practicing those hi-yas makes you good at throwing balls…?

She graduated Suma Cum Laude from NCSU (apparently that means really smart in Latin). Dr. Kesler Laster worked with Dr. Shontz and Dr. Settle early in her career. She loves to work with our most-beloved homeless brothers and sisters, shelter pets, to make sure that they can live their best lives. Most noble work!

I am very excited to have Dr. Rebecca Kesler Laster join my staff here at All Animals Veterinary Hospital. I think she will be a wonderful addition to our amazing team of ladies with delicious snacks – TALENTS! I meant talents.