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June Employee of the Month

June Employee of the Month
June 14, 2021

Oh boy, All Animals. This month’s Employee of the Month is a doozy! This employee is an absolute LUNATIC! She comes in early, stays late, works on her days off, makes calls from home, and literally runs this place!

Dr. Hampton, what would we do without you?! Dr. Hampton has worked at AAVH for 5 wonderful years, and she had a wealth of experience before that (which her youthful face belies). She received her DVM from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine.

At home, Dr. Hampton cares for her husband, daughter, 4 dogs, guinea pig, and hedgehog! In her spare time, Dr. Hampton likes to be outdoors, gardening or hiking. Dr. Hampton says if she didn’t work in veterinary medicine, she would like to be a florist or a writer.

Dr. Hampton is an incredible doctor who, speaking personally, literally saved my own pup and our very own president, President Remus. She is brilliant and insightful and kind and giving and we cannot begin to imagine what this place would be like without her, mostly because it makes us cry to try.

Congratulations Dr. Hampton on your Employee of the Month win! You are AMAZING!