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October Pet of the Month

October Pet of the Month
October 29, 2021

My fellow All Animalians,
Another month, another celebration of a pet who is not me…
Alas, I do have a sweet girl for you today! I am proud to introduce you to Eleanor!
Named for Eleanor Roosevelt, Miss Eleanor is a sweet and spunky kitter who lives with one of our receptionists, Morgan. She loves to play and wrestle with her siblings at home, and is often quite mischievous (something I know nothing of!). But her mom says that at the end of the day, she loves to curl up and cuddle with her people.
Camo-colored though she maybe, Eleanor loves to shadow her mom around the house and does not believe that she should be left alone.
Eleanor would like you to know that, as Halloween is coming up, she prefers tuna-flavored treats. Donations can be made at the office and will certainly get to her. I myself like sweet potato treats, but to each their own…
Congratulations, Eleanor, on being October’s Employee Pet of the Month!