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January Employee Pet of the Month

January Employee Pet of the Month
January 16, 2021

To paraphrase Disney: Animals are better than people.

So, I declare that there shall henceforth be an Employee Pet of the Month. I know what my people want and I am willing to give it to them, as I am a benevolent President.

This month, we honor Cammy, Dr. Sausner’s youngest and most enthusiastic pupperino. Camellia fought through parvo as a puppy to become the strong and sometimes very smelly dog she is today! Though a noted toy thief, Cammy is one of my very bestest friends in the world and is well known for her excellent taste in sticks!

And now, the lady of the hour would like to say something, and my mom says we have to let everybody have a turn even though I’m the President and she isn’t…

Here’s Cammy!

OMG! Never in a million years did I think I would win ANYTHING. And here I am. Employee dog of the Month. And the cutest girl ever. I work really hard in my mom’s chair everyday - seriously it’s a tough job. But I would like to thank my brother Zulu and the other “office dogs” for helping me out, protecting me and keeping me grounded (with bursts of playtime). Anyway, just a reminder that I’m cute and I love cookies if anyone wants to reward me. Also pup cups — hint, hint @allanimalssanford. Gotta go look for sticks now. Thanks again everyone!!